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0118 9310770
0118 9310770
Holt Broadcast Services: Precision Sheet Metal Fabricators

Welcome to Holt Broadcast Services Ltd, where we are proud to offer a complete service in high-quality precision sheet metal fabrication.


With a background expertise in the fabrication of custom panels and 19" rack mounting enclosures, we specialise in offering our customers fully customisable solutions, alongside a range of standard products. 


Custom Solutions
At Holt Broadcast Services we specialise in custom metal work solutions, offering a complete end to end process, from design consultancy and one off prototyping, to preproduction and batch runs, including full finishing services.

Quality and flexibility are at the core of what we offer our customers, no matter how large or small the job. We can base projects on our own in-house standard products, a customer's specific design or sometimes, just a conversation.

Standard Products
We also manufacture and supply a range of high quality in house designed enclosures that can be purchased as standalone items, or used in the development of custom solutions. To complement these products, we also produce a range of 19 "rack accessories, including blank, vent and termination panels, mains distribution units, rack supports and rack strip.

Resource Centre
In the resource centre of useful reference information. Here you can find colour charts used for painting, tips on getting the best out of our artwork services and metalwork services.


The Company


Holt Broadcast Services was established in 1994 with a small team of highly skilled sheet metal workers, to provide customers with a complete one stop solution to their sheet metal work requirements, all the way through from design, to manufacture, to finishing. Although a much larger company today, working with customers from across a broad range of industries, the team at Holt Broadcast Services are still proud to offer a highly personalised and flexible service to all their customers.

Whether this is about fast turnaround, the ability to modify drawings and re prototype, or to manage the whole process of manufacture from design to finishing under one roof, at Holt Broadcast Services we can provide a fully flexible service.

It would be very difficult to describe a typical Holt Broadcast Services customer, as by the nature of the work we undertake, they come with very varied and individual requirements.

Our customers range from individuals to large organisations, from those who use our services and products to build their own products, to sub contract assemblers and systems integrators to catalogue based resellers. They also come from an ever-expanding range of industrial backgrounds including Broadcast, Electronics, Telecommunications and Instrumentalists to name a few.

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