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About Holt Broadcast Services

Holt Broadcast Services was established in 1994 with a small team of highly skilled sheet metal workers, to provide customers with a complete one stop solution to their sheet metal work requirements, all the way through from design, to manufacture, to finishing. Although a much larger company today, working with customers from across a broad range of industries, the team at Holt Broadcast Services are still proud to offer a highly personalised and flexible service to all their customers.

Our Principles:

At Holt Broadcast Services we believe very strongly in working in partnership with our customers. At the heart of what we do are three key principles:


Whether this is about fast turnaround, the ability to modify drawings and re prototype, or to manage the whole process of manufacture from design to finishing under one roof, at Holt Broadcast Services we can provide a fully flexible service.

Supported by years of knowledge and experience we can do far more than just manufacture to order. We can take a design from a sketch to a fully engineered drawing, we can help modify products to improve the quality or make the production process smoother and we will always commit to going that extra mile to complete that last minute order that you thought would be impossible. In short our customer needs are what drives our business.


We believe in quality without compromise. Our aim is to provide our customers with, high specification, precision engineered metalwork products, whether that is for a one off prototype or a full production run and everything in between.


At Holt Broadcast Services we believe that price is only one measure of the value of the service we provide. We believe that in committing to provide our customers with excellent value we are promising to provide:

  • A service built around the customer, project managing the work through product design consultancy, drawing and design, manufacture and finishing the end product
  • An end product produced to the highest quality standard both in manufacture and finish
  • A delivery that is on time and to budget

To us a returned job represents a failure on our part to meet this commitment.

Our Customers:

It would be very difficult to describe a typical Holt Broadcast Services customer as by the nature of the work we undertake, they come with very varied and individual requirements.

Our customers range from individuals to large organisations, from those who use our services and products to build their own products, to sub contract assemblers and systems integrators to catalogue based resellers. They also come from an ever expanding range of industrial backgrounds including Broadcast, Electronics, Telecommunications and Instrumentalists to name a few.

If you would like to get an insight into the type of jobs we have undertaken on behalf of our customers and what they think of us then please have a look at our case studies.

Contact Us:

If you would like to discuss how we might be able to help with your project you can contact us by phone on + 44 (0) 1189 310770 or e-mail us at info@holtbroadcast.co.uk.